Medical Malpractice

Providing Exceptional Practices Against Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one has experienced an injury under the care of a medical professional or doctor, you immediately want to file a claim to protect your rights against that neglect. Medical malpractice can be tricky, so you want an experienced attorney to assist you during this period. Depending on the situation, you may want to file a claim against the medical provider and the hospital or location where the malpractice took place. For example, if you were struck by a truck driver, you might want to file the claim against the trucker and the trucking company. 

Other situations where you may need to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice can range from

  • Catching an infection in a doctor’s office or hospital 
  • Being injured during a surgery
  • Being wrongly diagnosed or not receiving a proper diagnosis
  • Being prescribed the wrong medication


For a medical malpractice claim, there is no time to hesitate to file a lawsuit. Joe May Law is ready to provide you with reliable, understanding counsel. Call us today or send us a message to get started.

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