Estates and Wills

Get Peace of Mind with Joe May Law LLC

There is never a perfect time to start planning for the future. However, the sooner the better will save you and your loved ones the stress of life’s unpredicted turns. At Joe May Law we are highly trained in estate and will planning, along with other matters related to your assets after you die. Joe May can provide assistance with creating plans and documents that litigate your assets and belongings. Besides the planning around your passing, our attorney can help you arrange these matters if you ever become incapacitated or no longer able to take care of yourself. 

Situations that we handle under estates and wills can include

  • Asset Protection
  • Probate Estate and Estate Planning
  • Wills and Trusts

Joe May Law LLC is ready to be the trustworthy, dependable lawyer that you can rely on during this thoughtful time. Estate and will planning isn’t simple, and we are committed to treating you with compassion and empathy. Give us a call at (219) 286-2583 or send us a message.

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