Business Law

Providing Legal Advice For Your Business

While some may think an attorney is not essential for every step of owning a business, investing in a great lawyer sooner than later will save you from trouble down the road. Joe May Law LLC has been properly advising and defending businesses in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. Whether you are starting up a new business or looking into reorganizing your current company, Joe May Law is here to guide you. Businesses have to deal with strict laws due to the legal system. When you work with our team, you are getting assistance from a trusted legal professional who is familiar with the fine print. 

Business law handles a multitude of different avenues, such as

  • Bankruptcy
  • Contracts
  • Discrimination
  • EEOC Federal and State
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employment Law
  • Incorporation
  • Liability Corporations and Small Business Planning
  • Real Estate

Business law is done best at our firm. If you are looking for navigation as a business owner, do not hesitate to contact us at (219) 286-2583 or send us a message.

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